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Meet our Master Coaches & the team that makes Master Metabolic so special.

Master Coaching Team

Tommy Snider

Founder, CEO, Master Coach


After rocketing to the top as a national trainer for 24hr. Fitness, Tommy Snider realized he wasn't creating the lasting, holistic change he knew was possible for his clients. Fast forward to today, Tommy has worked 50000+ hours transforming his clients with CEOs, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, doctors, and pro athletes spanning 18 years. His goal is to cure metabolic and nutrition related disease, while putting the power back in his client's hands. Tommy believes that every person deserves freedom and the power to become exponential.

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Metta Semrad

Master Coach/Ambassador


Metta is a fun and bright Fitness instructor who teaches and motivates in all different stages of life. She is all about not just transforming your physical health, but your emotional and mental health as well.

Alyse O'Steen

Master Coach

Alyse is a mom of 5, fitness enthusiast, and lover of life and energy! She’s been a group fitness instructor certified in a variety of formats since 2014. As a Master Coach for Master Metabolic, she facilitated this same life changing journey for her clients, helping them change their mindset and what they thought they knew about nutrition, to learning how to fuel their bodies and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


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Dr. Bo Cicak   

Health Optimization Coach, Marketing Director


Dr. Bo is a healer, educator, and leader in health, and is currently one of the top chiropractors in San Diego. He graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California in 2016. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and a Bachelor's of Education.

Dr. Bo’s mission in life  is to help people discover optimal states of health so that they can live their lives fully expressed and empowered.

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About Our Founder

Tommy started his journey in fitness when he was 3 years old. He became an all star baseball player, a black belt in Japanese martial arts, a professional dancer, and a county championship basketball player.

By age 20, he began giving back through his first position at 24hr Fitness. As soon as he started, he noticed something was off... The manager, who was 300lbs+, had been the top sales manager nationwide consistently for months. Within one month of joining the team, Tommy had outsold all of the assistant managers in the Bay Area. 

Tommy quickly realized that his purpose was to give back to every person he would come in contact with. This was also paired with his natural ability to speak to people about health, and truly resonate with them.

He advanced quickly in the 24hr Fitness world, becoming one of the top, national trainers. Even at the top, he noticed that he wasn't inspiring the true, lasting change he knew was a possibility.


Tommy began discovering how he could stabilize blood sugar for all humans. The goal became mastering the relationship between humans, nutrition and exercise. He spent his 20s reading hundreds of books and attending seminars to understand what really makes humans tick, mentally and emotionally.


Then, in 2013, it clicked:

  1. Mindset and the way you feel at all times during periods of growth matters

  2. How we feel about our health rituals matter

  3. The pathway to health is not the same for everyone. It will always change and transcend.

  4. The ability to eat food you love and enjoy the relationship with moving your body is imperative for growth.


Fast forward to today, Tommy now has 45000+ hours of transforming his clients.

His goal is to cure metabolic and nutrition related disease, while putting the power back in his client's hands. Tommy believes that every person deserves freedom and the power to become exponential.