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3 Steps to Hack Your Daily Routine

foundations habits routine Jan 16, 2021

In order to build a strong house, you need to have a solid foundation. A strong daily routine creates the optimal framework for success in all areas of your life.


Our team of experts works with each of our clients to align their days to create success and health.

Everyone we see feels like they are BUSY. Unfortunately, busy is a feeling and is not a metric.

When we “FEEL” busy it shuts down the opportunity we have to:

-be more free

-have time for health

-create space for more hobbies

-to spend time where you want vs where you need


Starting with a Morning Routine

How you begin your day determines how you end it. Stay on top of your days by starting with a strong morning routine.


Start by asking yourself:

"What does “ready for the day” mean to me?"

Most people wake up last minute, check their phones, and are suddenly bombarded by the outside world. 

This is the environment that produces the energy of being busy. This only creates frustration, and the feeling that we don't have enough time for ourselves.

We are sent on a downward spiral that leads operating unconsciously in our lives, overeating, and staying up late. 


This pattern creates a simple reaction... Lack of sleep + poor nutrients + feelings of overwhelm = weight gain.

We experience this as weight gain, inflammation and low energy.


Solution to Hack Your Life

Step 1. Get ahead of your day with a strong morning routine.

Wake up and give yourself at least 10-30 minutes for yourself.

Try using this time to meditate, journal, read, listen to podcasts, move your body, and greet the day. If you are used to working out at night, try putting in a movement practice in the morning instead.


Step 2. Make sure your food is "grab and go" ready.

Take easy to eat, nutritious food with you to work, school or when you leave the house. If you are at home for most of the day, make sure to have easy to prepare foods accessible. 

Having your food ready to go eliminates the opportunity to get sidetracked if you have to leave your house abruptly, or if your plans suddenly change.

Set yourself up for success by taking time out of your week to prepare. A little preparation goes a long way, and actually saves you time (and money!) overall.


Step 3. Take baby steps.

Society teaches us that if we aren't 100% on all of the time, we have failed. We believe that if we take a small step back, all of our steps forward are void; this isn't true.

Creating a foundation of health in all areas of our lives takes progress. Taking small steps towards your ideal self goes a long way. Progress is progress, no matter how small. 


Using all three of these steps helps to build the strong foundation that we all need to feel in alignment.

If you are needing some guidance on building your routine, check out our coaching programs and join the family today.


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