How You Can Eat More Carbs in Your Diet (and Still Lose Weight!)

blood sugar stabilization diet fad diets nutrition Jan 16, 2021

Carbohydrates are the fastest energy source for your body.

Some can be bad for your body, while some of them are actually essential for your body.

The main problem with eating carbs is that we haven't been taught to properly pair them with other foods in our diet.


Stabilizing Blood Sugar with Food

At Master Metabolic, we have discovered how to stabilize blood sugar with food.

This requires a proper combination of carbs (fruit and complex carbs), protein and fat. The exact amount is to combine is determined by your height, muscle mass, activity level and age.


Why Trendy Diets Don't Work

Most fad diets usually demonize all carbs. These diets focus on restriction and eliminating, rather than combining foods for optimal nutrition.

These diets are built on a lack of knowledge and experience in what causes true transformation.


How Carbs Support Your Body

Not all carbs are bad. Rather, carbs support memory, improve your mood and are a great, quick energy source.

When paired with an optimal amount of protein and fat, carbs actually super charge your body. 


Pair Starch with Protein

We always tell our clients clients, “Never have a starch without a protein.”

Without a protein, carbs can become dangerous. Protein creates satiety, which relaxes the body and ensures you stop looking for more food.

If you don’t pair protein with your carbs, the blood sugar will spike and create weight gain. This is also why some people seemingly hold onto weight.


Eat Pizza, Pasta, and Tacos and Lose Weight

You can still eat pizza, pasta and tacos, and lose weight. It all depends on quality of the food and how you combine them.


Another overlooked aspect of your diet is the energy you bring to eating. When you get in front of your carb focused foods, how do you feel?

Have you eaten properly throughout the day or are you getting to your meal after starving or restricting yourself?


How to Use Carbs Carbs

We've been taught by trendy diets that carbs are bad, but that isn't the case. This can help to map out the right carbs to add into your diet to help lose weight, increase energy and feel better.



Good carbs are:

Low-medium glycemic value

Low or moderate in calories

High in nutrients

Devoid of refined sugars and refined grains

High in naturally occurring fiber

Low in sodium

Low in saturated fat

Very low in, or devoid of, cholesterol and trans fats


Bad carbs are:

High in calories

Full of refined sugars, like corn syrup, white sugar, and fruit juices from concentrate

High in refined grains like white flour

Low in many nutrients

Low in fiber

High in sodium

Sometimes high in saturated fat

Sometimes high in cholesterol and trans fats


Figuring out what carb and protein combinations are ideal for your body can be tricky. Make it easier by working with a Master Metabolic coach. Check out our programs to see what is right for you and your body.

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