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Regain your confidence, feel empowered on your health journey, experience limitless energy, AND lose stubborn fat.

Eat real, high quality food (that you actually enjoy!), kickstart your metabolism, and lose weight easier and faster than you could have ever imagined.

Heal your relationship with food, align your habits, routine, and exercise with what feels good, and unlock your potential in the process.


Go beyond what you thought was possible, while being supported by community with:

The Master Metabolic Mastermind

Have you tried "all the diets" and never found something that worked?

Here's why...

You've been bombarded with quick fixes, fad diets, and generalized information, rather than having a personalized, truly aligned lifestyle solution to your wellness.

The traditional approaches to health are that of restriction, suffering, and yo-yoing, which end up in you feeling frustrated and unsupported. 

These unhelpful feelings are stacked on top of the familiar feeling of being alone when you are "dieting" or making a lifestyle change. 

*Cue the flashbacks of eating a lifeless salad at dinner with friends, while everyone else enjoys pizza, pasta, and fries* 

At Master Metabolic, we do things differently.

We provide total transformation of the mind, body & soul for every one of our clients, through precise metabolic nutritionexercise planscoaching, and accountability.

The mastermind is focused on freedom, feeling good, and allowing you to come back to you. 

No more punishing yourself through unnecessarily hard workouts, starving all day, or restricting yourself to eating only chicken and rice.

How the Master Metabolic Mastermind Works

Within the first few days of being on your mastermind meal plan, your blood sugar stabilizes, and your body's metabolism is reset.

This helps to curb cravings, and allows you to feel fulfilled and whole.


The first few weeks are focused on building a strong foundation for your wellness, by creating new habits, moving past limiting beliefs, and by regaining belief in yourself.


Through ongoing education, we empower you to heal your relationship with food, and get back in touch with your body.


Week by week, our team works to get your to your goal body weight, increase your energy levels and realign you with your ideal self.

We check in with you on the coaching calls, and via phone or text for accountability.

We also have you send in progress pictures along the way so we can measure your results with you.

We have the framework, tools and resources to guide you to your ideal self at your goal weight.

 Are you ready and willing to claim the truest version of you?

Are you ready for lasting transformation that allows you to feel empowered and in control of your life?

The mastermind will allow you to:

-reset your metabolism

-bring you to a conscious state of increased awareness of diet, routine and movement

-build full-body functional strength

-turn your diet and exercise into habits

-establish an "I can" mentality

-make yourself your #1 priority

-create lasting change and create a new definition of what is possible 

What's Included With Your 3 Month Mastermind Membership:

-two 60 minute virtual coaching calls each week 

-lifetime access to call recordings & program content

-weekly meal plans & workout plans

-private member only Facebook group

-challenges, invitations and activities to complete outside of the coaching calls

-coach accountability check ins

-community of likeminded people

-guest coaches & workshops

-eligibility to move forward into the advanced mastermind upon completion


Mastermind Testimonials

I joined Master Metabolic in February with the intention of losing weight.  That is all. 

I have gained so much more from this program since then that it’s hard to put it all into words!

I have learned so much about myself, my emotions, my past experiences in life and how they effect me, my spiritual self, and my physical well being! I have found the skills to not only eat healthy and work out correctly, but to keep myself grounded, get in touch with my feelings each day, meditate and find peace,  and work on improving relationships with myself and others around me.

I have come to know what my dreams life is and exactly how to get it!  While I am still a work in progress, I am extremely grateful for the pure joy I have found already in just over 4 months of this program and can’t wait to see what the future brings!!”


"The Master Metabolic Mastermind program has been a game changer for me.

I haven’t felt this good about the way I look or feel ever.

I wore a bikini for the first time in my life about 8 weeks into the program. I weigh less than I did in high school and have abs after having three babies.

It is definitely a time commitment but if you are serious about getting healthier and feeling better, this is an excellent program!"


“I’ve been doing the Metabolic Mastermind program for 5 months and I’m blown away by the changes I’ve experienced physically and mentally.

I was working out a lot but not seeing any difference in gaining muscle tone, fat loss or increasing energy.

When I first looked into the Mastermind program I was skeptical that eating more and exercising smarter could actually help me.

I’m so glad I decided to go for it and commit. My energy has improved, my fat has decreased, I have great muscle tone and I’m not craving sweets like I did before.

I never thought I’d be able to resist treats and candy, but Metabolic Mastermind has completely changed my views on food and has given me the tools to know how to fuel my body.

Metabolic Mastermind will change your life in all the best ways!”


If you're ready to move past yo-yo dieting and step into a new you, then join the Master Metabolic Mastermind. 

There are three options for your  mastermind tuition:

Monthly Membership


3 Split Payments

  • Two 60 Minute Zoom Calls Each Week
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Workout Plans
  • Accountability, Support & Community

Standard Membership


Paid In Full

  • Two 60 Minute Zoom Calls Each Week
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Workout Plans
  • Accountability, Support & Community

VIP Membership


Best Value | Paid In Full

  • Two 60 Minute Zoom Calls Each Week
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Workout Plans
  • Accountability, Support & Community
  • Monthly 30 min 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Any of the Mastermind Coaches

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Frequently Asked Questions


My journey with Master Metabolic started with a desire to "fix" my health by losing weight and has steadily grown into an incredible lifestyle shift where total health is my goal, including my mental health.

I learned how my mental state was affecting my choices around my physical health.

I learned to listen to my body while still eating healthy, satisfying meals

Tommy has taught me how to pair foods to make my body feel good and not depleted.

The Mastermind group propelled me into a community where I felt connected to others working towards similar health goals. 

All the coaches took an interest in my experiences and shared their insights to help me shift to a place where I feel like I can and will succeed. I am beyond grateful for Master Metabolic!”


"I’ve worked with Tommy on my diet for about 4 years now.

This last year was really tough and I tried to push through just “being strong”. Mastermind showed me and gave me the tools to deal with my emotions that I’ve never had before and a support group of like minded people to help.

By moving through these emotions and historically buried feelings I was able to see patterns in myself and my eating and grow to incorporate the new me and finally deal with things that had been left buried too long.

I feel a lot more free and have added a ton more foods and it no longer feels like I’m limited by anything."


"I'm generally hesitant to spend money on myself, so joining this group was a huge leap for me.

My friend and I joined and I'm so glad I did.

Of course, I wanted to lose some Covid weight and some of the weight I've gained as I've aged, but I really wanted to learn some new skills that would last beyond a 12 week program. I got way more than I ever expected.

I let go of some old thoughts and habits. I learned that my body is strong and awesome. I see myself differently when I look in the mirror.

I love experimenting with nutrient dense foods to make fantastic meals. I also found a strength training routine that I like. I have always been drawn to cardio.

I have wanted to find strength training that works for me because I know it's such an integral part to taking care of my body. Tommy's at-home workout works great for me.

I've purchased some equipment and I actually look forward to my days with weights now. Thanks to the whole team!"


Meet Your Coaching Team

Tommy Snider

Master Metabolic Founder & CEO | Mastermind Main Coach

Tommy has 18+ years of coaching experience helping clients transform.

His goal is to cure metabolic and nutrition related disease, while putting the power back in his client's hands. 

He believes that every person deserves freedom and the power to become exponential.

Tommy is the expert in nutrition, movement, mindset and overall wellness.

Brooklyn Willerth

Mastermind Support Coach

Brooklyn's specializes in sexuality, hormones, personal expression, self-awareness and shadow work. 

She believes in our own innate ability to heal ourselves through inner exploration, so that we are able to empower others to do the same.

Brooklyn also helps the Master Metabolic team with marketing and back-end operations.

Metta Semrad

Mastermind Support Coach

Metta originally started as one of Tommy's 1-on-1 clients and quickly fell in love with working with Master Metabolic.

She is a fitness instructor, wife, mom and a shining light in the mastermind.

Metta helps the mastermind by providing first hand experience, ongoing support, perspective, and gentle encouragement.

Past Mastermind Guest Coaches

Dr. Bo Cicak

Speaker, Wellness Expert, Chiropractor

Claudia Nanino

Master Breathwork Facilitator, Crystal Curator

Ben Harris

Fear Alchemist, Coach, Intuitive Guide

Sarah Howatt

Life, Addictions, & Integration Coach

“When I first signed up for Master Metabolic, I felt pretty confident in my understanding of health, and how to treat my body. I always picked salads when I went out to dinner. Ate small meals. Worked out regularly. And yet, I was beyond frustrated that none of my health goals were coming true. In my mind, “I was doing everything right, so why am I not where I want to be?” 


The truth is. I didn’t know how to make food, exercise work together in the best ways to bring the results I wanted. So, when I started this program, I was only focused on losing. I wanted to lose weight. Lose inches. Lose whatever was getting in the way of me looking a certain way again. And maybe you’re in the same place too? Wanting so badly to lose similar things. Things that you’ve tried losing on your own for months, maybe even years?


Fast forward 20 weeks, and I have lost a ton! Baby weight—gone and still getting lower on the scale. Fear of taking measurements and progress pictures—gone! Lack of confidence in knowing how to eat and have success—gone! I could truly go on. But, what I am most grateful for in Tommy and his incredible team, are the things I have gained through Master Metabolic:


—A healthy relationship with food

—A love for lifting weights instead of just cardio

—Knowing how to create delicious meals that add to my body, not take away

—Sleep patterns that recharge my mind and body daily

—How to combat and diminish emotional eating

—Ability to rewire thoughts/past stories that get in my way

—Incredible friends that support, lift, and inspire one another 

 And so much more!


If you have health goals you want to reach or hurdles you want overcome, you’ve come to the right team!! Tommy & Master Metabolic will not only get you there, but you’ll accomplish and become more than you ever thought possible.”


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